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My second week as a publishing intern

Sunday, 28 May 2017
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This week has absolutely flown by - maybe because I’ve gotten into the swing of things properly - but I’m sad to see it pass so quickly because that means next week is my final week! This week didn’t start off too well, with the news of a terrorist attack in my home city of Manchester, I had never felt so far away from home. But Thursday quickly changed my mood as I got back into ‘normality’ and spent the morning packing up what felt like a thousand books.

Sleep deprived on Thursday, my first job was to find a coffee. Fuelled with caffeine, I tackled the shelves full of books as we got ready to move offices. I don't think I anticipated how difficult a task it would be, and after two hours of packing and moving heavy boxes, I patted myself on the back because I’d filled this week’s exercise quota - I HAVE GOTTEN SO LAZY, HELP. I then helped Jamie - the publisher/the best boss in the world (Hi Jamie!), with a few jobs, aka., emailing another Rebecca within the publishing world about some spreadsheets filled with all the exciting new book releases coming up. I headed to the beach for lunch (you know, like you do...) and realised that I am not suited for beach life; I forgot that sand gets wet when the tide comes in (zero common sense, I know), and spent the remainder of my day sat at the desk with a wet bum, and a sodden denim jacket. I then edited some more videos from the previous week’s book reading, and then spent the last working hour of the day researching some of Yorkshire’s biggest enthusiasts for publicity, as Jo Britpopped her way through editing (Jo, we will get people using Britpop as a verb).

Friday, morning coffee was once again on the agenda… I think I pay a huge chunk into the staff at Costa’s wage package, you’re welcome. I then sat in on a meeting with a printer (not a literal printer), and learnt a LOT about paper! Who even knew there was so much to know about paper?! But there is, and it was surprisingly interesting to hear about how a book gets from a manuscript to the printed copy you see on a shelf of a bookstore. For example, did you know that your book starts as water? That sounds really hard to believe, so maybe I really missed the point of what the sales rep was telling me, but that is what I heard, so don't shoot the messenger. Maybe I should Google it? - see, Jo, if Google can be a verb, so can Britpop?!

After a busy morning, we headed back to the office and I was given the privilege of writing this week’s newsletter! The pressure was on; could I match up to Jamie’s success? I think I did okay, and I have had a few responses from readers who seem to confirm my speculations. Friday dinner, I headed to the beach again… prepared this time with my beach towel (a spare towel from my cupboard). The plan was not foolproof, and the towel didn’t stop me from walking through the town centre with a wet skirt. I might have to start taking a spare set of clothes next week!

Saturday was the busiest day so far - MOVING DAY. With a team of six, we figured, how hard can this be? But let me tell you, I don’t think I can ever use my arms for carrying ever again. I think the people of Scarborough enjoyed the show, though; watching us as we carried boxes upon boxes of books; three huge and very heavy bookshelves; an armchair, a desk and the biggest table across the town. The new office is so lovely though, and it is in the nicest of areas, so it was great to see the final product of our efforts. The day ended with an ice-cream and a leisurely walk to the station. I’ll be so sad to see my time here come to an end. I really feel like I’m part of a family here and they have made me feel ridiculously welcome. Jo and Jamie have made me feel confident in my own abilities; I’ve never once felt like I couldn't ask a question because I know they'd never tell me I was silly for asking it. So thank you, to Jo and Jamie for making me feel happy and motivated every time I stepped foot above Rice n Spice! And of course thank you to all the other lovely people at VP; Tess, for teaching me about submissions, you really work so hard and I really admire you! And of course, to Jamie's wife, Laura, for being another friendly face that has made me feel welcome.

Until next week,